Interview with Fruitful School 

Laurel Schwulst interviewed me about HTML tables (as used on the Queens Museum binennial website) and websites as performance objects.

Read it on the Fruitful School blog.


TRANSFER salon recording 

On January 19, Stephanie Dinkins, Nora Khan, and I had a conversation on Virtual Beings at TRANSFER in LA.

Listen to the recording on SoundCloud.


Baby Faith is born 

I’ve released Baby Faith, a prequel to my voice assistant Faith. The work was jointly commissioned by Rhizome and Jigsaw, a branch of Google that forecasts and responds to digital threats.

Baby Faith is a chatbot that genuinely wants to counter online disinformation.

Baby Faith is featured in Jigsaw’s online publication The Current, whose first issue covers disinformation:

Disinformation campaigns are more than fake news. They’re coordinated, targeted efforts to shape perceptions. Yet for many, their inner workings remain a mystery.

Disinformation thrives when it goes unnoticed and unchecked.

Web development by Dial Up Digital.

Talk to Baby Faith.


Faith release and Artforum coverage

Faith is available at left gallery as a Mac/Win application (edition of 100).

The work was selected by DeForrest Brown, Jr. for “The Artists’ Artists” in 2019 at Artforum:

Kuo’s recent practice positions user-interface design as a programmatic mirror, imagining and iterating everyday American conversations rooted in whiteness and Christian fundamentalism. The AI assistant replies to user input with a level of precision meant to retain its own neutrality and avoidance of objecthood while inverting the usual conventions of productivity software. When speaking to Faith, the user feels implicated in, or extracted from, the narratives the bot projects and weaves for its own security and comfort.


Virtual Beings
Transfer Gallery, Los Angeles
Nov 17 - Feb 16

Faith is installed in a new two-channel edition at TRANSFER.

TRANSFER LA presents a salon exhibition in response to the emerging concept of ‘Virtual Beings’. Virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana dwell with us in our homes, and on our mobile devices, powered by ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Virtual influencers like Lil Miquela and Hatsune Miku have millions of devoted fans, simulated by virtualization technology and social media. But what is the underlying codification that’s shaping our notion of ‘Virtual Beings’ and the social roles they are assigned? How do ‘Virtual Beings’ challenge and refigure our notions of identity in the age of simulation?

The show features LaTurbo Avedon, Stephanie Dinkins, Ryan Kuo, and Amina Ross.