2022 Knight Arts + Tech Fellowship

I’m one of the 5 recipients of the 2022 Knight Arts + Tech Fellowship. Thank you very much to the Knight Foundation and to United States Artists, which administered the award, for the support!

Darla Migan has written a wonderful essay on my practice for Shift Space, an online publication edited by Natalia Zuluaga as part of the fellowship.

Insofar as we are always being configured for identification, Kuo’s net-based art or video installations are written neither for technologists nor for art audiences per se but may be better understood as epistles to, or apologia on, self-formation happening within the loops of machine/user learning. We learn to use machines and in the process of doing so we also increase their literacy of the user, opening us up to even greater portals of access through the simulation of shared understanding.

Read (or listen to!) A Poetics of the Glaze.