Index of Works
Title Year File Under Notes
File: A User's Manual In progress Book
Dumb Desire 2020 App
Love Your Box 2020 GIF
Baby Faith 2020 Web Commission for Jigsaw x Rhizome 
Faith 2019 App Developed with Angeline Meitzler and Tommy Martinez at Pioneer Works
Alibi 2019 Web Collaboration with Tiago de Abreu Pinto
Enterlope 2018 Web
Volumes 2018-2019 Web Commissioned exhibition website for Queens International 2018: Volumes
I Don’t See It 2018 App Distributed @ bitforms gallery
File: A Primer 2018 Video Distributed @ bitforms gallery
OK. 2018-2019 App Distributed @ bitforms gallery
Family Maker 2017-2018 App Distributed @ left gallery
The Way I See It 2017 App
Tables of Content 2017 Web Published @ Art Journal Open
1/2 2017 Video Banned
File 2016- Web Distributed @ left gallery
Nouns 2016 App
Untitled for Dual 3 2016 Web Collaboration with Omsk Social Club
Death Driver 2016 Video Collaboration with Levi Rubeck
Exit Assembly 2016 App
Everything Is Dirty 2015 Video
The End 2013-2015 Video
Fuckface (It’s Your Birthday) 2014 App
GOD/DOG 2014 App Game controller support needs update
Example 2014 Web Apparatus for a lecture-performance
Something About Rules 2013 Video  Fragment of an abandoned work
Party 2013 Video Disassembled
Eden Tank 2013 App Demo
Read Me 2013 App
Separation / Readability 2013 App, Video Game controller support needs update
On and On and On 2012 Video
Trace 2012 Print Personal value only
An Aesthetic as an Anesthetic 2012 Web
Diagram 2012 Photo
You Don’t Know What You Want 2010-2012 Video Needs literally one final edit
Mutes I-V 2009 Video
Terminal 2008 Video
Rm 6 2007 Video
2007 2007-2012 Photo