Family Maker
macOS application

This Mac application helps the user navigate family dynamics that may be familiar or unfamiliar. It has been conceived as a puzzle box to unlock and explore, and as a poetic support that can give form to the unnameable.

Distributed by Left Gallery. Future versions may also be released.

The Way I See It
Game application, IKEA models

Watch and listen to the trailer for this infinitely cycling software work.
It’s a haunted IKEA catalog randomized and autonomously directed by the computer.

Tables of Content
HTML tables, iframe

These tables render the content of “In Submission”, an essay about internet content, white space, and whiteness.

This is the second entry in a series for Art Journal Open and comprises a branching sequence of 92 HTML tables. To the left is the complete work, which is navigated by clicking the italics.

Further notes are provided in "Building a Table".

An article is often bolstered by a table, which places words into more analytical and arbitrary configurations. A table can contain feelings, intimations, and digressions that are necessarily flattened by a linear sequence of text.


This play happens because it can. But what is really absurd is a table that makes sense, an abstraction that reads as a figure. This figure claims that the world is an exchange and things are its tokens. A claim resting on a contradiction might as well crumble when we touch it. The language of the web offers evidence of the many convolutions that go into putting a thought in a hole: in this case, a word in a cell in a table in a frame in an article on a page of a site.

Game application, projection screen

This is a software work built using a game engine. It contains a site that cycles through night and day as the computer directs and edits the scene in real time. The work has an infinite duration and assembles a new sequence each time it is run. It will softly unravel over time a central mystery that prompts questions such as:

* What secret is hiding here?
* What can we piece together?
* What is the trouble with nouns?

This could take 20 minutes or 20 days to solve.

The piece was originally commissioned for the storefront gallery at Front/Space. The above video presents an excerpt of one running instance.