If whiteness is neutral, the Pointer is its avatar. The Pointer points away from itself. It cannot point at itself because it has no self, and is unable to acknowledge this.

To name the Pointer is to point back at the white. There we see that there is no white point of view, and only endless pointing.

The whiteness of a white is found not near its person but in the quality it projects. 

If whiteness has good intentions, then these are expressed on the screen. There a software interface is projecting its use value to the user, granting us screen space to find ourselves, provided we were stolen.

A clone of the Pointer, the interface claims transparency. A slideshow helps present your ideas. A computer desktop welcomes your input. A game environment takes you to another world. We have forgotten what empty statements sound like.

In this case, I take the statements at face value. I don't interrupt them, because I want to face their intentions. There seems to be a choice. I can make a mark on this curtain, or else I disappear into a bland substrate. Either way, I am unmade by a white.

My dissatisfaction is all I own, so I choose to speak as a white, saying what it won’t.
The Pointer
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June 7 - August 5, 2018
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