Index of Works
Title Year Keywords Notes
File: A User's Manual In progress
ASK (Autonomous System of Knowledge) In review database, relation, Oulipo, case management, Donald Rumsfeld, hole In DATA browser 09: Indexing Imaginaries
Downtime 2024 business logic, charts, workers, grid, availability, skew, outage, losses At Feral File
Real Milk 2023 cow, milk, automation, smart farm, gig economy, freedom, throughput With Most Ancient
Puzzle 2022 memory, migration, Confucian, patriarchy, censorship, love, death, trees At M+
Father Figure 2021-2022 America, constitution, rights, property, Capitol, insurrection, white supremacy, command line, console In Shall Make, Shall Be
The Truth of the Matter 2021 explanation, critical, black box, knowledge, insider, access, truth, solar anus In HOLO 3
Hateful Little Thing 2021 hate, liberal, racist, institution, label, window At Whitney Museum of American Art
Square Hole 2021 token, blockchain, property, database, calculator, nothing, null, lie In Sequencing
Talks 2021 programmer, LinkedIn, Asian, slur, whiteness, grid, database, nothing, constitution, property, drone On Montez Press Radio
OK2 2021 whiteness, sequencer, internet Remake of OK.
Dumb Desire 2020 white cube, container, rotation, console In Plicnik Space Initiative
Love Your Box 2020 white cube, GIF, grave In Well Now WTF?
Baby Faith 2020 chatbot, disinformation, technocracy, solution, Google, child, troll For Jigsaw x Rhizome 
Faith 2019 chatbot, troll, liberal, Cortana, IBM, dungeon, trigger, conspiracy With Pioneer Works
Alibi 2019 crime, case, affidavit, scribble, signature With Tiago de Abreu Pinto at Copperfield Gallery
Enterlope 2018 chatbot, shopping, hands, spiral, hole For Art Contemporary Club (defunct)
Volumes 2018-2019 institution, table, catalog, container, GIF, Queens For Queens International 2018: Volumes
I Don’t See It 2018 office, chair, multiples, echo, camera, director In The Pointer at bitforms gallery
File: A Primer 2018 Keynote, slide, diagram, whiteness, blackout, guarantee In The Pointer at bitforms gallery
OK. 2018-2019 whiteness, egg, box, shelf, interface In The Pointer at bitforms gallery
Family Maker 2017-2018 family, love, guilt, secret, patriarchy, interface
The Way I See It 2017 table, chair, shelf, IKEA, grid, hole, camera, close-up
Tables of Content 2017 table, content, container, white space, grid In Art Journal Open
In Submission 2017 content, conversion, white space, whiteness, portfolio, Submittable, internet, lie
In Art Journal Open
1/2 2017 golf, hole, billboard, muff Cancelled by Massachussetts Convention Center Authority
File 2016- process, documentation, labor, access, hyperlink, blockchain, neoliberal, identity, file For left gallery
Nouns 2016 model, cycle, grid, camera, knife, secret
Death Driver 2016 drive, spiral, synths With Levi Rubeck for Goldsmiths
Exit Assembly 2016 hands, labor, termination In Formats
Everything Is Dirty 2015 gems, rotation, filth
Don’t Go There 2015 spiral, drive, prosthetic, wound For MINIBAR
Materializing the Hole 2014 hole, vibration, Cézanne, wound, Beckett M.S. thesis
The End 2013-2015 Google, warp, jitter, disintegration, Berlin
Fuckface (It’s Your Birthday) 2014 head, spiral, cone, avatar M.S. thesis project
GOD/DOG 2014 head, jitter  
Example 2014 process, lecture, hyperlink, box
Party 2013 head, wound, rotation, zapcars
Separation / Readability 2013 wound, terrain, mountain, pulse  
On and On and On 2012 rave, memory, mountain, hardcore
An Aesthetic as an Anesthetic 2012 wound, hyperlink, spiral
Diagram 2012 multiples, circuit, golf
You Don’t Know What You Want 2010-2012 jitter, echo, DOOM Incomplete
Mutes I-V 2009 kids, stutter
Terminal 2008 ghosts, artifacts, pixels
Rm 6 2007 doctor, clinic, warp, dad
2007 2007-2012