RYAN KUO lives and works in New York City. His works are process-based and diagrammatic and often invoke a person or people arguing. This is not to state an argument about a thing, but to be caught in a state of argument. He utilizes chatbots, web design, productivity tools, and videogame engines to produce circuitous and unresolved movements that track the passage of objects through white escape routes.

His upcoming projects include an invocation of a hateful little thing whose body fills up white space out of both resentment and necessity; a computer terminal that enforces the Ninth Amendment of the Bill of Rights; an experimental comic book about farming automation; and an artist’s book about aspirational workflows, File: A User’s Manual, modeled after software guides for power users.
His work is distributed online at left gallery, has appeared at Queens Museum (NYC), bitforms gallery (NYC), TRANSFER (LA), Stroom Den Haag (The Hague), Goethe-Institut China (Beijing), Copperfield Gallery (London), Goldsmiths (London), Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts (Cambridge), and MIT Media Lab (Cambridge), and has been published in ArtforumArt in AmericaBOMB, and Rhizome. He has been in residence at Pioneer Works (NYC) and the Queens Museum Studio Program (NYC).

He holds a Master of Science in Art, Culture and Technology from MIT. Here's his thesis.

He is not a programmer.

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