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Ryan Kuo works in New York, NY. He is currently based at the Queens Museum Studio Program.

His work tends to invoke a person or people arguing. This is not to state an argument about a thing, but to be caught in a state of argument.

Ryan utilizes techniques gleaned from video games, web design, motion graphics, sampling, etc. He is building an artist’s book about aspirational workflows, File: A User’s Manual, modeled after software guides for power users. Other recent interests include containers, motivation, and whiteness.

He holds a Master of Science in Art, Culture and Technology from MIT. Here's his thesis.

His works and writing have appeared at bitforms gallery (NYC), the Current Museum of Art (NYC), Equity Gallery (NYC), Front/Space (Kansas City), Spike Art Quarterly (Berlin), Goldsmiths (London), Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts (Cambridge, MA), Boston Cyberarts (Boston), MIT Media Lab (Cambridge, MA), and Minibar (Stockholm). In 2017 he was an NEA Art Works resident artist at Residency Unlimited (NYC).

Don’t Die