2014    M.S. Art, Culture and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
2008    M.D. candidate, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT
2004    A.B., History of Art and Architecture, Harvard College, Cambridge, MA

2018    (forthcoming) Art Contemporary Club, Montreal, Canada
2018    The Pointer, Bitforms Gallery, New York, NY
2017    Tables of Content, Art Journal Open, New York, NY
2016    Are You Sure, Front/Space, Kansas City, MO

2018    Living Content Live, Times Square Space, New York, NY (talk with Luciana Solano)
2018    A Non-thematic Just Celebrating Digital Diversity Online Exhibition.html, OUTPUT, Shanghai, China
2018    Queens International 2018: Volumes, Queens Museum, Queens, NY (website commission)
2018    Black Stroke White Fill, Bitforms Gallery, New York, NY (talk with American Artist)
2018    Fiction Machines, Rencontres Internationales, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
2018    Fiction Machines, Rencontres Internationales, Luminor Hôtel de Ville, Paris, France
2018    Salon #1, The Current Museum, New York, NY
2017    Collapse of Vision, Equity Gallery, New York, NY
2016    California Imaginary, Industry Lab, Cambridge, MA
2016    Frames Per Second: trans_late, Plug Projects, Kansas City, MO
2016    Left Gallery Summer Selection, Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin, Germany
2016    Dual 3, Dual Club, Burgos, Spain
2016    The Future of the Left, Spike Art Quarterly, Berlin, Germany
2016    Speeding and Braking: Navigating Acceleration, Goldsmiths, London, England
2016    Grounded, Boston Cyberarts, Boston, MA
2016    After Aesthetics, Bar Babette, Berlin, Germany
2016    [image here], Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
2015    Changes, Industry Lab, Cambridge, MA
2015    Process: In Medias Res workshop, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
2015    6TH SENSE, Minibar, Stockholm, Sweden
2014    Massachusetts Institute of ACT-ion, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA
2014    Public Space? Lost & Found, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA
2014    Process: In Medias Res, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (performance)
2013    Party, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA
2013    Alt_Cph 13, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013    Something Very Specific, Cambridge, MA
2010    MISC Video and Performance, N.Y. Studio Gallery, New York, NY
2008    LOOP Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

2016    Formats, Industry Lab, Cambridge, MA

2018    Rhizome Microgrant for Net Art

2018    Queens Museum Studio Program, Queens Museum, Queens, NY
2017    NEA Art Works Residency, Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn, NY
2016    Neo Future, Arteles Creative Center, Haukijärvi, Finland

The Current Museum