Links to selected essays, interviews, recordings, etc.
Artistic practice
A Poetics of the Glaze Essay by Darla Migan on user experience, self-formation, and recent works (Shift Space, 2022)
Whiteness and Software Conversation with Wendy Hui Kyong Chun on whiteness and technology (Art in America, 2019
Spring 2022 Lecture Lecture and Q&A at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD Graphic Design, 2022)
Ryan Kuo & Zach Gage Conversation with Zach Gage on interaction design and systems (Outland, 2022)
Square HoleIllustrated essay about NFTs and artistic value (Sequencing, 2021)
Artist Profile: Ryan Kuo Interview with Celine Wong Katzman on tables and software-driven processses (Rhizome, 2017)
Specific projects
Programmable Life On Puzzle, as interviewed by Kerry Doran and Kate Gu (M+ Magazine, 2023)
Keep Trollin’ On Faith, as interviewed by Tommy Martinez (Pioneer Works Broadcast, 2020)
Alien and Sedition On The Pointer at Bitforms Gallery, as interviewed by Kent Szlauderbach (BOMB, 2018)
Building a TableOn Tables of Content, data tables, and exchange value (Art Journal Open, 2017)
Doc 091: Ryan Kuo On File, blockchain, and impermanence (Interlude Docs, 2023)
Talks Radio program on various topics excised from recent artist talks and applications (Montez Press Radio, 2021)
The Forum Conversation with DeForrest Brown, Jr. on techno, the grid, and the hardcore continuum (The Lab, 2021)