Tables of Content2017
HTML, Twine

This project comprises a branching sequence of 92 HTML tables. It is the second entry in a web series commissioned by Art Journal Open.

These tables render the content of “In Submission”, an essay about internet content, white space, and whiteness. 

Further notes are provided in "Building a Table":

An article is often bolstered by a table, which places words into more analytical and arbitrary configurations. A table can contain feelings, intimations, and digressions that are necessarily flattened by a linear sequence of text.


This play happens because it can. But what is really absurd is a table that makes sense, an abstraction that reads as a figure. This figure claims that the world is an exchange and things are its tokens. A claim resting on a contradiction might as well crumble when we touch it. The language of the web offers evidence of the many convolutions that go into putting a thought in a hole: in this case, a word in a cell in a table in a frame in an article on a page of a site.

Access the work on Art Journal Open.