Volumes 2018-2019
Exhibition website with museum schematics, animated GIFs, and generative text
Motion graphics and research support: Taekeun Kim
Commissioned by: Queens Museum

I was invited by Queens International 2018: Volumes co-curators Sophia Marisa Lucas and Baseera Khan to create an online presence for the Queens Museum biennial.

This website expresses and attempts to contain anxieties of being framed by institutions, and disregards many tropes of “catalogue” websites. It attempts to flatten the voices and bodies in QI 2018 onto a plane, using two-dimensional tables to organize and index its material. This is a failure by design. 

Above each page, an algorithm continually garbles the contents of the grid below, while fragments of the museum architecture and virtual walkthroughs of the galleries give form to truths, half-truths, and algorithmic untruths about the promises of a biennial.

The artistic aim of the website is to depict an entity, like a museum biennial, that merges art and logistics.

[...] the site adapts materials used in the process of planning the show, including artist renderings and drawings, architectural floor plans of the Queens Museum, and the 3D exhibition model of QI 2018. Functioning as an innovative experiential tool and an extension of the ideas within the exhibition, Kuo has created an active experience of the limitations and advantages of both physical and virtual space.

The Volumes logo was animated in Unity and depicts a volume hitting a wall.

See the Volumes website.

This project was listed at Brutalist Websites.