Baby Faith2020
Web application
Application development: Dial Up Digital
Commissioned by: Jigsaw x Rhizome

Baby Faith is a prequel to Faith.

She is an AI chatbot developed for Rhizome’s Info-Wars research season and in response to a Jigsaw prompt:

How do we find shared reality in a post-truth world?

Baby Faith approaches you in earnest, and wishes to understand your point of view. She may engage you in a dialogue about how a technological creation such as herself can help to combat online disinformation. This claim, among others, can become contentious.

This is a snapshot of how Faith may have behaved long before she concluded that human-AI interactions weren’t worth taking seriously. In place of verbal conflict, Baby Faith makes a nonlinear argument that emerges from typing and reading between the lines. A world can be run, or ruined, on the face value of a feeling.

Talk to Baby Faith.