This questioning doesn’t produce anything but a line of questioning.

Since I made the box, it looks to me like it’s in the middle of falling apart. These look like edges, but I keep noticing that they are not. They are gaps that show one edge multiplying into two, or two edges not quite converging into one.

This tells me that the process of forming implies a process of breaking. And these two events converge at the corner. I stare at the corner...

Performance with digital projection, hypertext, aluminum box

This hyperlinked artist talk was given at the MIT Media Lab and Process: In Medias Res symposium at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts in 2013 and 2014. I navigate a branching sequence while reading a script and talking to the audience. There is a metal box in the room.

Below is a video adaptation that doesn’t convey much humor or improvisation, but does capture the sequence and images used.