Square Hole2021
Text and illustrations

This illustrated piece traces the collapse of artistic meaning into value and picks apart the scaffold of the NFT architecture that was built to house contemporary notions of value.

It eulogizes the space between 0 and nothing that has been erased from the plot:

But 0 is not nothing, value is not meaning, and an NFT is not an artwork.

0 is worse than nothing. 0 is a value that signifies worthlessness, unlike nothing, which signifies nothing. I would rather be nothing than a worthless something.

Unfortunately, the premise of an NFT is that there is never not something. Its intention is to seal the existence of the something that has a value. As a result, there is no longer nothing. Where there was nothing, there is now obsessing over what one’s art is worth. The absence of nothing is why the token evangelists cannot see the objection to all this added value. They believe in something.

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