Family Maker is now available

Family Maker is officially released today at left gallery. I’m lucky to be working with this forward-thinking platform, which also provided the impetus to develop this new work last summer.

The work is available in an edition of 88 enabled by an Ethereum smart contract.

"family maker" is a new mac application developed by artist ryan kuo. it helps the user navigate family dynamics that may be familiar or unfamiliar. it has been conceived as a puzzle box to unlock and explore, and as a poetic support that can give form to the unnameable. you are welcome to multitask this application with other tasks, such as monitoring email and scanning for viruses. as the family is a process, updates may be distributed in the future.

this release marks the switch of left gallery towards using an ethereum smart contract. this custom smart contract (based on erc-721) supports storage of ownership and exchange of editions as non-fungible tokens, without relying on left gallery as third party.

purchase includes a multi-windowed desktop application for mac os