The magazine HOLO 3 is now available. It’s called Mirror Stage: Between Computability and Its Opposite.

Guest editor Nora N. Khan and fifteen luminaries question our problematic faith in and deference to AI. Exploring the limits of knowledge, prediction, language, and abstraction in computation, their collected essays and artworks measure the gap between machine learning hypotheticals and the mess of lived experience.

My contribution, The Truth of the Matter, is a set of wireframes and tooltips that respond to the prompt on "explainability" and the discursive opening of the black box:

But what happens when we don’t understand the explanation? And how do we better account for ambiguity in the scientific conversation of explainability, the blurry narratives and necessary trial and error involved? For many others, explainability is simply not enough; we need meaningful explanations, and a consideration of what is meaningful to AI, or in the space of computation, versus what is meaningful to humans as a whole, across contexts.