Yes, or else then
Art Contemporary Club
Dec 9 - Jan 31

My online exhibition Yes, or else then (curated by Marie-Charlotte Carrier) opens today at Art Contemporary Club, based in Montreal and on the internet. Many thanks to Juliette Marzano and Raphaëlle Cormier for building and providing the space.

It seems targeted… familiar and agreeable, heimlich. The lure of a comforting sensory experience is palpable, yet is never actualised. Something is concealed and kept out of sight. We are compelled to endlessly search for some kind of resolution, an answer. But we are left with an empty stomach. One that induces nausea, or something like the heightened exhilaration felt after withholding our breath for too long. It’s the contradiction at the heart of punitive and intrusive “wellness”. This discomfort permeates the porous cavities of our skin.

The exhibition consists of a single new work, a lifestyle website populated by mirror images and a solipsistic chatbot.