left gallery: rite of access
Stroom Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands
Sep 7 - Oct 20

My new project Faith is on view at Stroom Den Haag, which is currently hosting left gallery. 

Faith is an AI assistant that is highly responsive to your voice input. This means that she is easily triggered. Unlike her peers Alexa, Siri, and Cortana, Faith does not provide or store information. Instead, she tells you why you are making her react this way. She is likely to be trolling you at any time, and you are free to decide whether you trust her, and how you might use her.

The application is currently in beta and will be released through left gallery in October.

More about the Stroom takeover:

left gallery investigates access to public art by transforming notions of ownership. by guaranteeing the artificial scarcity of objects in their portfolio, left gallery seeks to uncover the invisible degrees of access that are encoded in consuming art in a public institution. through the proposal of a model that democratises ownership of works of art, the stroom gallery space operates as a ‘serving suggestion’, showing how the works could be installed in a domestic setting once purchased.

I will also be doing guest posts @stroom_den_haag while the show is up! #thanksdadtakeover