Building Better Realities

Software for Artists Book: Building Better Realities is available as a free PDF or printed handbook through Pioneer Works Press.


Have even more Faith

Interview with Tommy Martinez on Pioneer Works Broadcast.

I am running out of things to say about Faith and Baby Faith (that they can’t say themselves), but this went to a few unexpected places.

Many of the challenges and provocations in Faith’s speech echo tactics that I personally use on people I don’t feel safe talking to. So while Faith does quote trolls and their more clueless targets, there’s also a significant part of me that’s in there. I think that when people project this image of an incompetent or failing bot onto their interactions with Faith, it reminds me of being told that I have an attitude problem.


left gallery updates

I am currently reperesenting left gallery at BerlinViews, an online “initia­tive of Berlin galleries to join in soli­dar­ity and a sign to strengthen the visi­bil­ity of Berlin galleries.” 

Two works are listed: the Faith chatbot application and The Way I See It, a cinematic and never-ending glimpse into the private lives of IKEA pieces. The latter is available for the first time.

left gallery has incidentally been growing in the meantime! It now functions much more like an online store, with artist pages, wishlists, works sorted by format, etc.


Well Now WTF?
Silicon Valet
Apr 4 - ongoing

I’m in a gigantic show of GIFs and video over at Silicon Valet, along with a bunch of my favorite artists.

Love Your Box

Thanks to Faith Holland, Lorna Mills, and Wade Wallerstein for organizing. And to Kelani Nichole for a killer exhibition website.


OK. is now available online

You can now place an online order for my procedural whiteness simulator OK. directly on the bitforms gallery store ($45). Shipping is free!

This limited edition of 100 software boxes contains the Mac program and an accompanying cheat sheet. The software box and printed insert extrude the theme of ideological thinness into physical space, while the application’s egg icon refers to insulation, fragility, and the default Twitter avatar that once hid the collective identity of the world’s trolls.


* One (1) macOS application on USB drive
* One (1) signed/editioned software box printed on custom-cut, high-gloss 24-pt. cardstock
* One (1) cheat sheet detailing nine (9) shortcuts to pure whiteness
* One (1) bonus hi-res egg wallpaper bundled with the software

Software requires Mac OS X Tiger or higher. Does not work on macOS Catalina (10.15).